People at their Worst

About Charles

Charles Lowery was only a child when he learned first-hand that people are not always nice and the system not always fair. One of the reasons he went to law school was to learn how the system worked. After college and six years as a customs officer, he earned two law degrees from a preeminent university.

Charles started his career with a large downtown firm, but his rebellious spirit prodded him to venture out on his own. He started small, taking whatever divorce cases and personal squabbles walked in the door, but as his reputation grew, he attracted business clients and more complicated cases.

He has spent time in front of television cameras and reporters in connection with high-profile lawsuits and appeared before the highest courts. The lessons he has learned about human nature from the people he has worked for, with, and against have enabled him to better understand human behavior.


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Lawyers – An insight into their thoughts and perspective

People envy lawyers.  They hate lawyers.  They complain about lawyers.  They use lawyers.  But what does the lawyer think about the client?

When people enter the legal system, they do so against their will and at great personal cost of time, stress, and money.  They need a lawyer because they harmed somebody else, or another person wronged them.  They are embattled, and it can get ugly.

Court Room Drama

What does the lawyer see?  People who are angry, combative, irresponsible, unreasonable, or sometimes even crazy.  Sloth, greed, manipulation, betrayal, and often outrageous conduct.  True nature revealed when backs are against the wall.  People at their worst.

There are also the wrongs that are righted, the marriage or the house that is saved, the grateful client.  These are the lawyer’s reward.

People at their Worst  is a collection of true stories told by a litigator who spent two decades in the trenches handling everything from divorces and criminal cases to esoteric controversies such as patents and constitutional challenges.  He tells tales of unethical lawyers, incompetent judges, and vengeful clients.

His experiences with people showing their true colors taught him many lessons about human nature.  This has given him the inside scoop on what to expect from supposedly civilized beings.  In this book he shares them with you.